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SiSoft Sandra

SiSoft Sandra download is the unbelievable the news & diagnostic utility. It gives greatest of the documented and the undocumented data. It provides you knowledge about your tools, software and the many other things. It works with lines of the other Windows services.  SiSoft Sandra portable offers you the facility to draw the connections at both high and low the levels. It gives all data about the CPU, video adapter, well card, picture, printers, chipset, gates, Windows internals, and the systems, etc.

SiSoft Sandra download

SiSoft Sandra Crack:

SiSoft Sandra free provides a robust set of the diagnostic tools for testing your way.  It detects and the offset its problems or likely the problems. SiSoft Sandra Lite is meant to be a windows system the analyzer including testing, listing and bench marking modules. You can save the database story in text. It helps many forms such as DMI, HTML, RPT, SMS, and XML, etc.

SiSoft Sandra free

SiSoft Sandra freeware has the user-friendly check. It helps all the windows running orders. It has both Modern also likely tool posts. It provides the access to a collection of the focused media. It is simple also easy to the use. Novice and masters can easily and fast use it. SiSoft Sandra key full gives the many great the stories. It measures Processing, Wealth, area, local processing, and software virtual the device doing. It keeps renewed overall number by the adding different the benchmarks.

SiSoft Sandra freeware

Important Features of SiSoft Sandra Pro:

  • Support Operating System, Hardware, OpenGL Compute
  • Measures software virtual machine performance
  • Measures native processing performance
  • Memory, Cache Bandwidth, and Latency
  • Measures memory performance
  • Measures caches performance
  • Measures storage performance
  • HC (Heterogonous Compute)
  • Processing performance
  • Using latest instruction sets
  • Updated Benchmark
  • Financial and Scientific
  • GP (General Processing)
  • Transcode and CPU Test
  • Native CPU Arithmetic
  • Benchmark Module
  • Memory Bandwidth
  • GPU Precision
  • Cryptographic
  • Multi-Media


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