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Every business owner thinks the easiest option to get started with online business is choosing a shred hosting. This is because the cost of shared hosting is less and is easy to manage. In the beginning, you are doubtful if the business would work online or not, and end up selecting the basic shared hosting plan. And, this is, here you go wrong. Why can’t we think of a big picture and be positive about it? We all start a business to make it successful and earn profits from it, isn’t it? This can be achieved only if you remain confident about your business from the start. Yes, right from choosing the hosting plan.

So, here is a guide on, how to select a hosting that will suit your business.

To begin with, we will consider the simplest way :


1) Shared hosting –

Now, you will say, above I have mentioned that this may not suit your business, but it is not so. I mean, shared hosting is not useless, instead, it is very useful for bloggers. Bloggers who own their blog of particular categories like food recipes, technical news, hobby sites, etc. don’t need heavy plans. All you have to do is, select an unlimited linux shared hosting plan that offers you unlimited bandwidth and you are good to go. With unlimited bandwidth, you can post as many articles, images or other content as you want.

Additionally, shared hosting is also a good option for websites with 3 to 5 web pages. That means, sites that contain few webpages can easily be managed under shared hosting.

2) Reseller hosting –

Well, reseller hosting is the simplest way to start your own web hosting business. It is mainly used by developers, designers having enough audience base, to whom they can sell the hosting services. In reseller hosting, you just buy hosting from any provider and then sell it to your customers under your brand name. So, if you are just an organization and don’t look to start a hosting business, then this hosting type may not be a suitable option for you.

3) Dedicated hosting –

In dedicated hosting, every website gets a part of the server on which the site gets stored. As the server space is separate, no website shared resources also. That means, your website is kept isolated from other websites and it provided with full-fledged resources like RAM, CPU bandwidth, etc.

 That is why, dedicated hosting is mostly considered by large businesses, having a database of very confidential information.

4) VPS hosting –

VPS hosting lets you enjoy the benefits of windows shared hosting and dedicated hosting at a very affordable cost. Just like dedicated hosting, in VPS also, your website gets separate resources and the site gets hosted on separate virtual server space. So, if you are looking something more secured then shared hosting but less expensive then VPS hosting is your go-to option.

5) Cloud hosting –

In cloud hosting, each website gets hosted on a cluster of virtual servers, and this cluster is known as the cloud. In cloud hosting, it gets very difficult for hackers to hack your website’s information. Also, the cloud gets scanned very often that ensures no malware could be able to peak into your site. Cloud hosting provides very tight security and hence, is a choice of large businesses with heavy and sensitive information. It is commonly used by MNCs, banks, government sites, NGOs, etc.

6) WordPress hosting –

WordPress is a widely used content management system, and thus many websites are now getting created on WordPress. It is really easy to handle a website site, as you can get free WordPress hosting also. But, as they say, free is not always free. With free WordPress hosting, there are so many restrictions and it may not be a feasible option for a long time. So, it is always better to get managed WordPress hosting provider partner. Who can host your WordPress site and also will manage it for you? With such providers, you also get free themes, plugins suitable for the site.

These are all hosting types mentioned, and you can select one that suits your business needs. As explained above identify what your website has for you and your visitors and take proper guidance from the hosting provider.

Apart from hosting types, you also, need to consider some features that keep your website working freely on the internet.

(i) SSL certificate –

Every website must have an SSL certificate, that denotes your website is secure to surf. SSL certificate builds trust among visitors and also helps in ranking your website higher on search results.

(ii) Website protection –

With a website come great responsibilities. It may not easy for everyone to manage all the technical aspects of a website unless you have skills about it. Thus, it may get easy for hackers to get into your information. So, in such a case, you must look for a hosting provider that provides strong protection against malware and attackers.

(iii) Unlimited bandwidth –

No matter what type of blog or website you have, to keep is running always on the internet, it must have unlimited bandwidth.

(iv) SSD storage –

Gone are the days of traditional storage space which was unable to speed sites. Now, with SSD, a website performs 200% faster than traditional storage.

Are you still worried about your online business?

Then, just get in touch with the MilesWeb team, and they will surely guide you properly, for free.

Conclusion –

With the rising need, every business must be taken on the internet. It helps to enhance and spread your business globally. I am sure, with MilesWeb all your problems of online business will come to an end.

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