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Game Killer

Game Killer root is fantastic, simple and fast software. It is not for killing games. This software is in the market of memory alteration, admitting any user the ability to tweak the HP or currency values of games installed on an Android device. From Game Killer full version you can leave about the web, this first step is the one that trips users up the most. Rooting an Android device is not ever a beginner-level task, but It requires root way and will not run without it.

Game Killer root

Game Killer Crack:

Game Killer for android is an android app to modify coins, gems, etc. This application is a secure yet easy to use, carries a maximum amount of games and is cooperative by latest Android stories. You can download Game Killer download easily without any survey as well as read a detailed step-wise idea on using it on this site. One knows if their Android is rooted.  The match need save its score/life count in resident retention for Game Killer no root to access and change it.


Game Killer app is free. If you are to own success to change life, score, or coin values, tutorial needs to be followed to the line. Save yourself and easily avoid it by showing that developers. Last word in review, there is one more suggestion that shortens your learning curve and research with Game Killer patcher in a simple game app first.

 Game Killer aptoide


  • Kill Running Applications
  • Kill Running System Applications
  • Hide Applications
  • Uninstall Downloaded Applications
  • Backup Applications
  • Access fine location
  • Open network sockets
  • Access information about networks
  • Access the vibration feature
  • Read from external storage
  • Write to external storage

Game Killer for android


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